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Property Owners

Property owners have the ability to turn their unused land into a revenue stream. We exclusively search for watershed property or undeveloped forested area in a flood plain. 

Our concept is perfect for property owners who reside on the property, vacant property, commercial or industrial greenspace. We have a model and means for various properties to earn revenue.

Our model leases property above what other entities or individuals can afford for we offer access to the hunter with our reward point system. We do not add additional cost to the end user so we are not operating as a third party for immediate financial gain.  For more information create a profile below. 

Becoming a UAO Property Owner

Security of your property.
Utilizing the UAO service our system will notify property owners when images of unauthorized persons trespassing on property are detected.

Health of wildlife
A sustainable feed program that not only ensures the health of wildlife on the property but deters deer from browsing on property owners’ decorative plants and gardens.

Property owners have zero costs up front to set up their property.
Urban Archery Outfitters assumes all costs associated with establishing your property on our website.

Property zoned as conservation
are still available to book their property as a huntable property. Georgia State conservation use under O.C.G.A. Section 48-5-7-4 permits the use of conservation property for ‘leasing property for hunting is not considered a business’; it would not disqualify your property from its conservation status.

A potential monthly income from September to January (Extended Archery Counties in Georgia) that hunters book the right to access and bowhunt.
The day rate to hunt a property is determined by professional guidance of our field staff but ultimately is decided upon by the property owner.
Example – There are 142 huntable days each season, if our platform generates 25% booked hunts, 35 hunt days, for a property owner at $350 per day and a revenue of $12,425. Deducting the 25% booking commission, is a net income of $9,319 for the property owner.

Every location will be posted with a UAO QR Code check station that is required of all hunters, UAO Pro-Staff, or Field-Staff to check in when entering and existing all properties.

Property rules and agreement
Hunters are required to maintain a profile page and a service and terms agreement detailing the rules and guidelines of our platform service. Property Owners that impose specific guidelines and property rules have a higher level of assurance they will be adhered to.

Don’t want hunting? No problem.

HOA and greenspace property owners can earn a monthly revenue with our Camera Stations on your property. NO HUNTING, but the ability to see game movement through your property increases the value of the nearby huntable locations. Our camera stations also provide a more quality feed that deters the deer from eating a homeowner’s shrubs and decorative plants around their home.

Urban Archery Outfitters also has an income opportunity for property that is smaller or with covenant restrictions that do not allow hunting. Our game camera station on your parcels farthest point can generate a monthly income.

In addition, all properties in our system have the benefit for the owner, free camera image notification of trespassers.

What additional factors decide the dollar amount a property owner can charge per day?

  • The number of game animals detected on our trail cameras and feed stations.
  • Size of the game animals.
  • Large number of mature bucks (male deer).
  • How well the property is marketed/advertised even to out-of-state hunters who travel to Georgia.

As a property owner, why can’t I do this on my own

You absolutely can, but there are costs associated with doing it on your own.

  • Added cost to your homeowner or liability insurance.
  • Cost of time to vet each hunter.
  • Cost of the feed program and camera station. This is key to ensuring you have a property a bowhunter would even pay to hunt.
  • Marketing and advertising cost to keep the momentum and quantity of booked days.
  • Cost of time to promote and keep enough traction.