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Turn your unused land into profit and become a host for bowhunters

Urban Archery Outfitters has a patent-pending model that allows property owners (of sizable tracts) to make available their property for a hunter to reserve and access for bowhunting.

Who are we?

Why is it our passion to build our business model?

We are bowhunters dedicated to the craft and joy of hunting, Urban Archery Outfitters is focused on the ethical hunt of the ‘untouchable’ game animal.

With the growth and expansion of many regions in the United States, hunters are slowly losing available locations to hunt unless they are willing to forgo the overcrowding of public hunting grounds.  The traditional hunting model of a leased hunting property, leased for a year or more at a time, leaves many hunters on a long waiting list to get the opportunity to join the best hunting clubs. Often, once a spot to join becomes available, the cost to join is not manageable for many.  Urban Archery Outfitters has set out to change this and expand the opportunity for more to enjoy the experience of bowhunting.

For Hunters

Our program offers the ability for a hunter to earn in-app credit referred to as Big Game Bucks™. The Big Game Bucks™ will be a major factor when multiple hunters are attempting to acquire a property for a spectacular game animal, like a 170-class whitetail in Georgia.

There will be multiple opportunities available for a hunter to earn Big Game Bucks™ but here are a few:

  • Purchase items on our retail page
  • Refer other hunters
  • Harvest unwanted animals like hogs and coyotes while on one of our hunts
  • More ways to earn as our concept expands

Property Owners

Property owners have the ability to turn their unused land into a revenue stream. No need to rent your house or a bedroom, your 3 or more acre lot can be a monthly income.

Smaller parcels also have the ability to combine parcels with surrounding property owners to make up a larger more desirable parcel for hunting.

HOA and greenspace property owners can earn a monthly revenue with our Camera Stations on your property. NO HUNTING, but the ability to see game movement through your property increases the value of the nearby huntable locations. Our camera stations also provide a more quality feed that deters the deer from eating a homeowner’s shrubs and decorative plants around their home.

Referral Agents

If you are interested in a residual income our referral program is for you.

Real estate agents, builders, home repair technicians, landscapers, etc. – If you have leads of past, present or future clients refer them through your own designated URL link for property owners to make revenue from their properties. Your monthly commission is based on the booked hunts and camera stations from Urban Archery Outfitters commissions.

It’s a great way to help your friends, family, customers, and clients make more from their property and earn yourself a monthly commission as well. Even if you are located in another state not yet serviced by Urban Archery Outfitters. We will soon be in every state possible.

Start a referral agent profile today and share it with everyone you know.

Launching Nationwide

Urban Archery Outfitters is excited to offer its services to bowhunters across the country. From our southern headquarters in Georgia, across the central plains, over the Rockies, and throughout the pacific coast – UAO will be the resource you need to find your next prime hunting spot.

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