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It’s who inspired the idea behind UAO – the avid bowhunter pursuing the perfect spots in their area to get the most out of their hunting experience.


Our program offers the ability for a profile hunter to earn in-app credit referred to as BIG GAME BUCKS™. The Big Game Bucks™ will be a major factor when multiple hunters are attempting to acquire a property for a spectacular game animal, like a 170 class whitetail in Georgia.

There will be multiple opportunities available for a hunter to earn Big Game Bucks™ but here is a list of a few…

  • A hunter makes e-commerce purchases on our retail page
  • Referring other hunters to start a profile page
  • Harvesting unwanted animals, like hogs, coyotes, etc. while on one of our hunts

The Founding Members Club

Get it in early and join a group of fellow hunters enjoying all the benefits of Urban Archery Outfitters while helping the platform grow. Our mission is to expand into every possible state and not just for archery hunts but eventually turkey and rifle opportunities in rural areas on private property.

The Founding Members Club is a lifetime membership that has multiple benefits and rewards.

As a member

  1. A profile hunter will earn double BIG GAME BUCKS™ for a lifetime. Earn 100 and receive 100, and so on. (This will come in handy when you want to go on a New Mexico Elk hunt)
  2. A place on our ‘FOUNDING MEMBERS BOARD OF CHAMPIONS’- it’s all bragging rights.
  3. Receive a “Founding Members Card” that will allow entry into various hunting shows and earn bonuses at the QR code check station.
  4. Merchandise testing from our suppliers of great new products.
  5. Special invitations to join us on a hunt.

We will also have gift card opportunities to purchase Big Game Bucks™ for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. All Big Game Bucks™ will be transferable to family and friends.

How it works for hunters

Create Hunter Profile

A Hunter Profile and acknowledgment of our terms and conditions is required to hunt a UAO property. It provides the host property owner a little information about the person(s) on their property at any given booked hunt. It also provides the hunter the opportunity to participate in the Big Game Bucks program (TM) and the means to provide liability insurance coverage.

Browse Available Properties & Dates

A participating hunter can browse the available properties at any time, there is no fee. We do have a powerful tool that allows a bowhunter to subscribe to 10 available hunting properties and trail cameras located on the property. This ensures the bowhunter knows there is a ‘target buck’ on or moving through the property.

Book Property & Enjoy the Hunt

The property owner, with recommendations of the area UAO Pro-Staff or Field-Staff member, determines their requested cost and available dates to hunt. Some owners may make their location available with scout book-end days of your hunt. Some may request certain days that are not available. On the elite properties, those in high demand will require a bidding process of your Big Game Bucks’, the property cash value will not change but the right to book and hunt that property will be the expenditure of Big Game Bucks to win that bid.