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Urban Archery Outfitters was created by hunters dedicated to the craft and joy of archery hunting, focused on the ethical hunt of the ‘untouchable’ game animal. The all-new UAO platform offers hunting opportunity on property that was previously not accessible to the average person.  We locate, negotiate, lease and manage these properties. We offer them back to the hunter for short term access with our ThrillCOIN – Big Game Bucks.  NO CASH out of pocket for the hunter.  

Connecting the Hunter with the Property Owner

The sprawl of many urban areas have game animals condensed into a smaller spaces creating more human-to-animal contact. Vehicle-animal collisions are increasing every year and the auto insurance industry is pressuring many state departments, natural resources wildlife divisions., continue expanding urban archery opportunities.

Urban Archery Outfitters has a patent pending model that allows property owners (of sizable tracts) to make available their property for a hunter to reserve and access to archery hunt. Initially, compensation is required by the property owner in order to insure the property owner and the hunter. The insurance coverage and liability protection is the key that will make thousands of properties available to choose from. Our future goal is to make these properties available at a greater reduced fee to the hunter.

How it works for property owners

Register your property

Contact us directly or send an enquiry by email. Our Pro-Staff / Field-staff team leader with contact you and provide more information, answer any questions and assist in setting up your property. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY REQUIRED BY THE PROPERTY OWNER. In the future, as our program grows the setup process will be seamless and done completely on-line.

List Property Availability

Once a property owner sets up they can list the available days they would allow a bowhunter to book. Our Pro-staff will work with the property owner to determine a dollar value per day as a suggestion. This is based entirely on the quantity and quality of game animals and the surrounding habitat. Special instructions of ingress and egress, guidelines of behavior, instructions, etc.

Host Hunters & Get Paid

Bowhunters can start booking hunt days according to the property guidelines. A 50% deposit is required with the balance due 7 to 10 days prior to the scheduled booked use of the property.

How it works for hunters

Create Hunter Profile

Bowhunters will create a profile providing several details about themselves. This ensures that the property owner has information on who they have on their property at any given time of the booked hunt. It also provides the ability for a hunter to begin earning Big Game Bucks, our in-app credit which are redeemed to auction for prime hunting areas.

Browse Available Properties & Dates

A bowhunter can browse the list of available properties in their county, region, or the entire property list within our system. For a monthly fee a bowhunter can narrow their search and subscribe to choice properties which gives access to the game trail cameras on the properties. The goal is for the bowhunter to know the game animals on the property before they choose to book a hunt.

Book Property & Enjoy the Hunt

A bowhunter would check available dates and book the hunt. A 50% deposit is required to book the hunt to reserve. The remaining balance is due 10 days prior to the booked hunt. Hunters must also e-sign the appropriate documentation required by the property owner. Elite properties may only be available and require a biding process. The cost per day required by the property owner will not increase by the bid, it is the expenditure of Big Game Buck’s.

Why sign up now?

Urban Archery Outfitters is improving the local bowhunting experience and we want you to be part of it.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of early signup pricing and benefits like joining the Founding Members Club.

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Future Growth

UAO is capturing attention from bowhunters all over. With its innovative platform, property owners and bowhunters can connect no matter where they are in the country. Setting its roots in Georgia, UAO is expanding quickly across number of states building momentum for nationwide coverage.

Team and partners

Stephen Shepherd

The Founder and President of Urban Archery Outfitters has been an avid bowhunter for the 22 years. His involvement in real estate and real estate investments has led him do develop the concept that provides a mutual benefit to the bowhunter and property owner alike.

Andy McCulloch

Andy is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for bird hunting and fishing. His love of the outdoors has brought Andy to the team and his eagerness to improve his bowhunting skills. He is a professional in the medical device industry and has been for over 25 years.

Chas Edwards

Charles “Chas” Edwards, Director of Operations, is an avid Hunter that enjoys all things outdoors with whitetail hunting being his ultimate passion. He will be leading the Pro-Staff and Field-Staff in the daily operations. Chas is also an insurance professional specializing in life, health, and personal lines of insurance.